The Verge: Offline Activities zine

In celebration of the TheVerge’s 10-year anniversary, we art directed and designed The Verge: Offline Activities, a maximalist 32-page activity book of inside jokes, occult spells, and other nugatory activities that can be conducted sans Internet.

The zine is printed with an additional neon green spot ink and finished with rainbow holographic foil on the cover.

Designed with Jordi Ng

Lettering and cover illustration: LeandroAssis

Illustration: AlexCastro, MariaChimishkyan, SamarHaddad, MinhoJung, JacopoRosati, Sebaldo, GinaWynbrandt

Photography: Amelia Holowaty Krales

Concept and production: Grayson Blackmon, Kevin Nguyen

The Verge creative director: William Joel

The Verge art director: Kristen Radtke

Project manager: Kara Verlaney

Printed by: Prolific Group