Cornell Journal of Architecture Issue 11

We were invited to redesign the CornellJournalofArchitecture, beginning with “Fear,” its 11th issue.

Launched in the 1980s and most recently designed by Dexter Sinister, the student-led project has to date been published inconsistently, sometimes with many year gaps between releases. With this frequency in mind, we introduced a chunkier, more bookish format with a linen cover and upgraded production details to extend the Journal’s shelf life during periods of dormancy.

We also converted the publication from black and white to four colors, embracing a jarring palette for this fear-themed issue that both nods to chromophobia (a fear that has been known to afflict architects 😉) and creates a sense of tension and unease.

In addition to our redesign of the magazine, we also created a complementary website.

Editor: Val Warke

Managing Editors: Hallie Black, Aya Mears

Cover art: Luben Dimcheff

Printing: Ofset Yapimevi

Junior designers: Élise Rigollet, Juan Aranda