Facebook Slow Down... campaign

We were invited by Facebook’s AnalogResearchLab (now Meta Open Arts) to participate in their Designer in Residence program, where designers engage with issues impacting the internal Facebook community. Throughout our residency at their Menlo Park campus, we developed a campaign of printed matter that encouraged employees to rethink what it means to be “busy.”

A series of posters prompted the community to consider the creative value of play, boredom, and working slowly.

We brought this mindset to our own execution of the project, exploring different methods of screenprinting to achieve a range of gradient effects on each poster. We also created “A Brief History of Taking Your Time: From BC to RN,” a diminutive risograph zine of great thinkers and creators who prioritized slow work and leisure time.

Created during a residency at the FacebookAnalogResearchLab
Printed with DefneBeyce