Hacking Finance Issue 1

After developing an identityandwebsite for Hacking Finance, we were tasked with art directing and designing the editorial platform’s inaugural print magazine.

The publication marries the brand’s eclectic identityandartdirection with a mix of crisp typography and hand lettering and swashes. Executed across a reader-style format, the design speaks to those outside of the traditional fintech audience yet remains approachable to those within it.

The issue includes contributions by IanBogost, KharySepth, AmyBrilland others, with stories about the intersection of skateboarding and capitalism; VC cult hero, CarlotaPerez; intergalactic commerce; and much more—featuring original illustration and photography commissioned by our team.

In keeping with the visual identity we established for Hacking Finance, pattern and color play a crucial role throughout the magazine, offsetting each article while creating a lively reading experience that stands out from other financial publications.

Throughout the process, we worked closely with the Hacking Finance editorial team—who had never before created a magazine—to create sidebars and other bite-sized content that would engage readers. Our expertise in publishing was essential in fleshing out the magazine’s overall editorial structure and content.

Creative direction and design with Mark Pernice for OutofOffice
Editors: Leslie Campisi, Riki Shepley, Sarah J. Robbins
Contrib. Photographers: AnaCuba, PippaDrummond, LucyAlexMac, MagangaMwagogo, EricRuby; Artists: CynthiaAlfonso, NevenAllgeier, RebeccaBartoshesky, ErikCarter, DomitilleCollardey, LangdonGraves, MaxGuther, RamHan, AlexanderHarrison, NaKim, SeanSuchara, SucukundBratwurst, FrankZadlo

Printed by Oftset Yapimevi

Junior designers: Elisé Rigollet, Sean Suchara