“Baby kitchen” identity

This identity for Bé Bêp (aka “baby kitchen”), a project by Phoebe Tran offering home-cooked Vietnamese meals, was inspired by her unpretentious and personal approach to food. We developed a warm, informal identity that layers playful line drawings with found photos of Vietnamese markets, landscapes, and Phoebe’s own family.

In the spirit of Bé Bêp’s homemade ethos, we created a library of illustrations to be used across menu and social media templates for easy DIY implementation.

All collateral was also designed to be printed inexpensively and accessibly with a home printer, risograph, or rubber stamps.

Maruder font donated by Laïc:TypeFoundry

Business cards and postcards printed by Lucky Risograph

Created with Mark Pernice for Out of Office as part of our “Out of Office Hours” effort offering design support to organizations impacted by COVID-19