AA Volume 5 portfolio

AA Volume 5 is part of a series of artist books by artists Peter Happel Christian and Phillip Andrew Lewis exploring the mythology of photographer Ansel Adams. This installation takes the form of a collection of loose prints housed in a portfolio.

The prints feature objects from Adams’ archive photographed by the artists and then digitally manipulated. These distorted pictures speak to the mutability of archives and the ways in which they degrade and change over time.

A colophon and statement by the artists wrap the outside of the folio. Mimicking Happel Christian and Lewis’s glitched out images, we removed every A from these texts and let the design butt up to the folder edges and wrap its folds, giving the sense of content breaking down across the object.

Photographs by PeterHappelChristian and PhillipAndrewLewis

Published by ClearADay

Printed by Conveyor