Where We’ve Been... by Aspen Mays & Dan Boardman

Where We’ve Been, Where We’re Going, Why? by AspenMays and DanBoardman combines personal and public archives, drawing connections between seemingly disparate happenings: Halley’s Comet, a cross country road trip, and the first teacher in space.

A double coil binding allows the artists’ works to function as standalone narratives (each complete with a unique cover), while also linking them in single cohesive book.

Information related to both works—an appendix, an essay by JeremyHaik, and colophon—are printed on short sheets of varying sizes and inserted at the meeting point of these two narratives.

Designed with Christina Labey, DanBoardman, and AspenMays
Published by Conveyor / Houseboat
Printed and bound by Conveyor
Screenprinted by KayrockScreenprinting