The Moon & Stars Can Be Yours by Magali Duzant

The Moon and Stars Can Be Yours: Notes on Subway Psychics is a slim spiral bound book that weaves MagaliDuzant’s research-based writing and personal anecdotes into a look at contemporary spiritualism.

Found archival images from the New York Public Library Picture Collection are given a consistent halftone treatment and at times inverted to bring an eerie consistency to these varied photographs.

Each chapter is presented in the form of a question (Will I find happiness? Is there luck in my future?) and meanders into palm readings and sauna astrology sessions, to name a few.

Chapter openers are offset by multi colored paper stock, as are reproductions of psychic fliers found on the NYC subway, which are interspersed throughout the book.

Each book comes with a scratch-off fortune card printed with holographic foil.

Text: Magali Duzant

Published and printed by Conveyor

Junior designer: Élise Rigollet