Studio Elana Schlenker

Love/Hate zine workshop

Collaborative zine-making workshop conceived with Makeshift Society Brooklyn, Gerardo Madera, and Adobe Typekit. Participants were tasked with designing a single page illustrating one thing they loved (printed in neon pink) and one thing they hated (printed in red). The pages were printed at the event by Madera, offering attendants a live introduction to risograph printing. Each participant received an unbound zine along with binding tools and instructions. In addition to co-developing and co-leading the workshop, we created the zine’s cover and wrote and designed a page of resources for those interested in making, producing, and selling their own publications beyond the event.

Interior designed by various workshop participants
Printed by Common Satisfactory Standard
Co-organized by Makeshift Society, Gerardo Madera, Adobe Typekit
Event photos by Laura Pardo


2-color 2015 Adobe Typekit Common Satisfactory Standard Concept development Copywriting Elephant Gerardo Madera Makeshift Society Pink Red Risograph Self cover Stab binding Workshop Zigzag Zine


Download this list of resources for zine makers! 👷🔨🚧