I Write Artist Statements identity

IWriteArtistStatements specializes in writing for creative professionals. Inspired by this no-nonsense moniker and process of helping artists translate their visual work into words, we developed a minimal identity built from ASCII drawings, which use letters and other glyphs to create pictures.

Though the aesthetic is lo-fi, the I Write website is technically robust, featuring an “Artist Statement Generator” that guides visitors in drafting their own statements with the option to preview their work in real time, as well as e-commerce capabilities.

As I Write has grown, we’ve expanded their library of custom ASCII art and developed newsletter and social assets.

We also designed a small zine of “Writing activities for quarantine,” published by Conveyor in 2020.

Front end development by Henry Van Dusen

Illustrations include original drawings by us as well as work inspired by Joan G. Stark, lgbeard, Jussi Roine, and Hayley Jane Wakenshaw accessed through the ASCIIArtArchive. ASCII typefaces were accessed via the TexttoASCIIArtGenerator