Studio Elana Schlenker

Half Wild book

Peter Happel Christian’s debut monograph borrows its title from Our National Parks (1909) by muir_hoveryJohn Muir, who contemplated a “growing interest in the care and preservation of forests and wild places in general, and in the half wild parks and gardens of towns.” Drawing on Happel Christian’s pictures of nature quietly persevering in the face of human intervention, images in the book run wild, bleeding over type, margins, and around pages. The book’s form and typography nod to vintage wilderness survival manuals, while synthetic materials reference the tools, tarps, and artificial representations of nature that appear throughout the work.

Picture sequencing by Christina Labey
Essay by Liz Sales
Published by Conveyor Editions
Printed and bound by Conveyor Arts


2014 4-color Blue Book Christina Labey Conveyor Arts Conveyor Editions Digital Foil stamp Green Hardcover Mixed paper stocks Photography Pitch Souvenir Yellow


🏅 Named one of 2014's Best Photobooks by Humble Arts.