Studio Elana Schlenker

Gratuitous Type website

The online home of Gratuitous Type extends the magazine’s ethos to the web, embracing its fluid branding (each issue is completely redesigned) by allowing the user to change the typeface in use throughout the site. Other elements of the publication, like it’s playful appropriation of pornographic conventions and shifting color scheme are further explored through ‘censored’ pixelated covers and gradient backgrounds. The site includes a customized online shop and tumblr.

Front end development by Rich Watts


2014 Animation Craft Ecommerce Gradient Graphic design Gratuitous Type GT Cinetype GT Haptik GT Pressura GT Sectra GT Walsheim Publishing Retail Rich Watts Snipcart Website


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👗🎀👖👙👕 Visitors can change the site font! Typefaces by the excellent Grilli Type.