Studio Elana Schlenker

The Author’s Guild Bulletin

The Author’s Guild, America’s oldest and largest professional organization for writers, approached us to redesign their Bulletin, first published in 1913 and headed by Winston Churchill, its president, and vice-president Theodore Roosevelt. The Guild approached us to breathe new life into the publication, which is mailed free to the non-profit’s members and operates on shoestring budget, with the aim of creating a template that could be taken over by Guild staff with limited design training. In response, we brought a more elevated, minimal look to the project, while operating within the Guild’s pre-established visual identity. We also initiated a practice of partnering with one illustrator per issue to develop cover art and simple 2-color illustrations for the interior, providing unity and an editorial-feel to the Bulletin at a limited cost to the Guild.

Illustration by Ariel Davis, Antoine Cossé, and Ping Zhu


2018 2019 Antoine Cossé Ariel Davis Art direction Literature Magazine Non-profit Offset Ping Zhu Saddle stitch The Author's Guild