Studio Elana Schlenker

Pattern stationery series

Series of patterned products curated by the Textile Arts Center, which I co-developed and designed. The Pattern Box is a postcard set of contemporary pattern designs, each side of the uncoated box features work by one of the set’s artists: Shanan Campanaro (Eskayel), Brittany Keats Cerullo, Helen Dealtry, Leah Reena Goren, Hannah Schultz, Leanne Shapton, Jennifer Parry Dodge (Ermie), Kindah Khalidy, Victoria Garcia and Anna Niestroj (Blink Blink). The Pattern Set is a collection of writing sheets, envelopes, and stickers enclosed in a portfolio envelope featuring the work of Shanan Campanaro (Eskayel), Brittany Keats Cerullo, and Kindah Khalidy. The Pattern Roll is a boxed roll of multipurpose paper for wrapping and other DIY projects, featuring patterns by Ilana Kohn, Sarah Milton, Tyler Spangler, and Lulie Wallace.

Designed at: Princeton Architectural Press

Design director: Paul Wagner

Editor: Megan Carey


1-color 2013 2014 4-color Art Black Booklet Concept development Design Fashion Franklin Gothic Megan Carey Offset Packaging Pattern Paul Wagner Postcard Princeton Architectural Press Rainbow Stationery Sticker Tiempos Wrapping paper


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