Studio Elana Schlenker

Mossless 4, Public/Private/Portrait

Design for issue 4 of contemporary photography magazine Mossless, published by Romke Hoogwaerts in collaboration with Charlotte Cotton and the International Center of Photography. This portrait-themed issue is divided into distinct sections of image and text, with full-color, perforated pages designed to be removed and hung as posters. A calligraphic-inspired typeface and collaged pages add a sense of the artist’s hand to the publication, while a blind embossed Chromolux cover reflects the reader’s own image.

Published and edited by Romke Hoogwaerts
Junior designer Sean Suchara
Printed and bound by Prolific Group
Final image by Sergiy Barchuk


1-color 2016 4-color Art Emboss Fraun GT America International Center of Photography Magazine Mixed paper stocks Mossless Offset Perfect bound Perforation Photography Pink Prolific Group Romke Hoogwaerts Sean Suchara Silver