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Light Blue Desire book

Light Blue Desire is as an artist book by Magali Duzant that lyrically maps the amorphous definition and meaning of the word blue across languages. The collection of idioms reveals a compendium of contradictions; concepts around a color that is both high and low, peaceful and pornographic, melancholic and manipulative, and consistently voted the world’s favorite color. The book’s die cut cover references a cyanometer_hoverycyanometer, an instrument for measuring the color intensity of blue sky. It consists of squares of paper dyed in graduated shades of blue and arranged in a color circle or square that can be held up and compared to the color of the sky.

By Magali Duzant
Junior designer Élise Rigollet
Published by Conveyor Editions
Printed and bound by Conveyor Arts


2018 Art Blue Book Conveyor Arts Conveyor Editions Die cut Digital Foil stamp Magali Duzant Noto Saol Text Monospaced Spiral-bound Teal