Studio Elana Schlenker

Image Text Ithaca “Thesis Sampler” portfolio

Image Text Ithaca approached us to package the theses of their first graduating class, requesting that each student’s work be contained in a single booklet that could be inexpensively reprinted as needed. In response, we conceived of a fabric-wrapped portfolio, with an introduction by Emma Kemp printed directly on the case liner and endnotes tucked on the inside of the case spine. We also created templates for each booklet—allowing students to make unique decisions around how their own work would be presented, while maintaining continuity across the portfolio. The entire package is secured by a rubber X-band.

Published by Image Text Ithaca

Printed by Conveyor

Cover screenprinted by Standard Art Supply

Booklet interiors designed with Martha Ormiston


2018 Art Book Emma Kemp Feijoa Franklin Gothic Image Text Ithaca Literature Nostra Photography Purple Screenprint