Studio Elana Schlenker

How Can I Improve My Park? poster

As part of the Center for Urban Pedagogy’s Making Policy Public program, I collaborated with CUP staff, Leslie Wood, New Yorkers for Parks, and Partnerships for Parks to create a poster that empowers people of all backgrounds to advocate for improvements in their local park. The poster lays out the agencies and officials involved in the process, offers tips on how to approach and talk with them to build support and raise funds, and distills the city’s complex budgeting process.

CUP collaborators: Sam Holleran Valeria Mogilevich, Christine Gaspar
NY4P collaborators: Alyson Beha, Lucy Robson, Emily Walker, Robin Weinstein
Partnerships for Parks collaborator: Jordan Pender
Illustration by Leslie Wood
Handwritten typeface by Folch Studio

Printed by Prolific Group


2014 4-color Advocacy Art Direction Center for Urban Pedagogy Illustration Leslie Wood New Yorkers for Parks Non-profit Offset Poster Prolific Group Trivial Urban policy Value Sans


Buy the poster or download a free pdf here.


Now available in Spanish! View ���¿Como mejorar mi parque?