Studio Elana Schlenker

Hacking Finance magazine

Responding to the idea that “we are all money people,” we built on our hfneon_hoveryidentity for Hacking Finance to create a publication appropriate for the fintech sector and inviting to those who might see themselves as outsiders in this space. Hacking Finance, No.1: Movement includes contributions by Ian Bogost, Khary Septh, Amy Brill and others, with stories about skateboarding and capitalism; intergalactic commerce; professor, author and VC cult hero, Carlota Perez; and more.

Creative direction and design with Mark Pernice for Out of Office
Editors: Leslie Campisi, Riki Shepley, Sarah J. Robbins

Junior designers: Elisé Rigollet, Sean Suchara
Contrib. Photographers: Ana Cuba, Pippa Drummond, Lucy Alex Mac, Maganga Mwagogo, Eric Ruby; Artists: Cynthia AlfonsoNeven Allgeier, Rebecca Bartoshesky, Erik Carter, Domitille Collardey, Langdon Graves, Max Guther, Ram Han, Alexander Harrison, Na Kim, Sean Suchara, Sucuk und Bratwurst, Frank Zadlo

Printed by Oftset Yapimevi


2018 Art direction Élise Rigollet Euclid Flex Feijoa Foil stamp Hacking Finance Magazine Mark Pernice Monarch Ofset Yapimevi Out of Office Sean Suchara


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