Studio Elana Schlenker

Gratuitous Type Issue 4: Peep Show

Exhibition at KK Outlet London (a project of KesselsKramer) celebrating the launch of Gratuitous Type 4. The show featured Emmet Byrne, Claire Huss, Kokoro & Moi, Tim Lahan, Letterproeftuin, Pure Magenta, Raw Color, Table of Contents and Dries Wiewauters. Letterproeftuin, an open-source design studio and subject of Issue 4’s centerfold, was on hand for the opening reception, producing limited edition prints for the issue. The gallery’s window was covered with a life-size take on the issue’s gratuitous_hoveryspotted cover, while an acetate curtain separated the gallery from Letterproeftuin’s workspace. The show’s improvisational installation, along with its colorful walls, vitrines, and plinths, underscored the issue’s playful design.

Work by Tim Lahan, Raw Color, Dries Wiewauters, Pure Magenta & Stephanie Gonot, Claire Huss, Emmet Byrne, Peter Happel Christian, Kokoro & Moi, Letterproeftuin
Bookends, bookrests, and planter by Table of Contents
Acetate curtain by Amy Moffat
Photography by Ilona Wolff


2014 Amy Moffat Art Copper Curation Exhibition design Graphic design Gratuitous Type KK Outlet Letterproeftuin Product design Vinyl