Studio Elana Schlenker

DRAW exhibition catalog

Exhibition catalog for DRAW, draw_hoverya show at the Inside-Out Art Museum in Beijing exploring drawing as a window into the sometimes “mad” inner workings of an artist’s mind. A series of die cuts and exposed binding hidden beneath the book’s crisp cover underscore the revealing nature of its contents. The book includes the work of more than 60 artists, including Xu Bing, Cecily Brown, Francesco Clemente, Buckminster Fuller, William Kentridge, Sarah Sze, Lisa Sigal, and Kiki Smith.

Curated by Tomas Vu
Edited by Tara Zabor and Abby Walworth
Printed by Artron


2014 4-color Abby Walworth Agipo Art Artron Black Blue Book Die cut Exhibition catalog Exposed binding Inside-Out Art Museum LeRoy Neiman Foundation Mixed paper stocks Offset Red Tara Zabor Tomas Vu