Studio Elana Schlenker

“Cornell Journal of Architecture: Fear”

We redesigned the Cornell Journal of Architecture, originally launched in the 1980s, beginning with “Fear,” its eleventh issue. As a student-lead publication, CJOA is published inconsistently, often with many year gaps between releases. Leaning into this, we gave the Journal a more formal, bookish feel to extend the shelf life of each issue. We also converted the publication from black and white to four colors, embracing a jarring color palette for this fear-themed issue—a sly nods to ‘chromophobia,’ a fear we often encounter in the world of architecture. A stylized drawing of a Jersey barrier is stamped in clear gloss foil on the publication’s textured cover.

Editor: Val Warke

Managing Editors: Hallie Black, Aya Mears

Cover art: Luben Dimcheff

Printed by Ofset Yapimevi

Junior designers: Élise Rigollet, Juan Aranda


2019 Architecture Cornell University Magazine Ofset Yapimevi