Studio Elana Schlenker

Conveyor identity

Identity for Conveyor, a Jersey City-based publisher and production house specializing in small run editions of artist books and other printed matter related to photography. Each shape in Conveyor’s logomark corresponds to a different aspect of the studio’s offerings—a circle for printing, square for publishing, and dash for events—and can be used individually or in combination in response to the desired application. In some applications, such as holiday cards, each shape is printed using a different production technique (digital offset, letterpress, foilstamp) in order to showcase the range of Conveyor’s print and finishing capabilities.

Printed by Conveyor Arts


2015 2016 Black Blue Booklet Conveyor Arts Conveyor Editions Digital Foil stamp Holiday Identity Letterpress Packaging Pattern Photography Pink Pitch Publishing Shopping bag Stationery Tote Value Sans Yellow