Studio Elana Schlenker

Conveyor Issue 6, Alchemy

Responding to the theme of alchemy, we commissioned Dinamo to develop a typeface that would undergo an alchemical-inspired transformation. The result is Conveyor Favorit, which evolves in four stages—referencing the four stages of the magnum opus, an alchemical process for producing the stone_hoveryphilosopher’s stone (a substance believed by alchemists to turn base metals into gold and thought to be the essence of perfection). Further inspired by alchemical symbology_hoverysymbology, we also worked with Dinamo to create a series of glyphs, each paired with a different article in the issue. To contrast this typography, the rest of the issue’s design remains understated, allowing photography to come to the fore while creating a sense of balance and centeredness—a nod to the alchemical fascination with perfection.

Conveyor Favorit typeface designed by Dinamo
Published by Conveyor
Printed and bound by Conveyor Arts


2014 4-color Art Blue Conveyor Arts Conveyor Editions Copper Custom typography Digital Dinamo Favorit Foil stamp Magazine Paperback Photography


Nice write up of the issue at MagCulture.