Studio Elana Schlenker

Conveyor Issue 6, Alchemy

Responding to the theme of alchemy, I commissioned Dinamo to develop a typeface that would undergo an alchemical-inspired transformation. The result is Conveyor Favorit, which evolves in four stages—referencing the four stages of the magnum opus, an alchemical process for producing the philosopher’s stone (a substance believed by alchemists to turn base metals into gold and thought to be the essence of perfection). Further inspired by alchemical codes and symbology, we also created a series of symbols, each representing a different article in the issue. In contrast to the contemporary typography, the rest of the issue’s design remains understated, allowing photography to come to the fore while creating a sense of balance and centeredness in a nod to the alchemical fascination with perfection.

Conveyor Favorit typeface designed by Dinamo
Printed and bound by Conveyor Arts


2014 4-color Art Blue Conveyor Arts Conveyor Editions Copper Custom typography Digital Dinamo Favorit Foil stamp Magazine Photography


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