Studio Elana Schlenker

Can you spare an umbrella? book

Design of Can you spare an umbrella? by Ross Mantle, a rumination on our preoccupation with roadtrips and the American West Coast. Throughout the work, the viewer is repeatedly confronted with glimmers of light and symbols of an idealized California, yet the book’s motion is circular, never reaching any final destination. The book’s diecut cover provides an introduction to this idea, offering a glimpse of blue sky, which is then revealed to be nothing more than a reflection in a discarded mirror. The yellow coil bound spine repeats circular patterns in the book’s images and narrative, while playfully nodding to road atlases and California sunshine.

Designed with Ross Mantle
Diecut by Sapling Press
Printed and bound by Conveyor Arts


2015 Art Book Book board Conveyor Arts Die cut Digital Foil stamp News Gothic Photography Ross Mantle Sapling Press Spiral-bound Yellow