Studio Elana Schlenker

AA: Volume 4 book and vinyl

AA: Volume 4 is part of Land_AA’s eleven volume set of artist books exploring the legacy and mythology of famed American photographer Ansel Adams. In this volume, which responds to a 50 year old audio recording of Ansel Adams typing an unknown letter, a hardcover case with diecut pocket encloses sheet music, a print of a typewriter drawing by Lenka Clayton, and an LP featuring sound compositions by Lenka Clayton, Chris Duncan, Barbara Held, Michael Masura Flora, Jonathan Kaiser, Tiffany Ng, Steve Roden, Greg Pond, and Cesar Léal. An essay by Godfre Leung is attached to the case, and sized to mirror the dimensions of the LP.

Photographs by Peter Happel Christian and Phillip Andrew Lewis

Published by Clear A Day

Printed by Artron


2019 Art Artron Book Clear As Day Music Peter Happel Christian Phillip Andrew Lewis Photography Red Vinyl